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Gas And Tube Heater

Gas And Tube Heater units are industrial-class heating machines that are provided with a gas-fired tube to produce and deliver heat energy. They are commonly used in commercial as well as industrial applications. The tubes of these industrial heaters are manufactured by using premium-quality engineering materials that provide high rigidity with excellent thermal conductivity. These machines use natural gas for efficient combustion to produce heat energy. The low fuel consumption and less maintenance requirement of these machines make them highly economical. Customers can get Gas And Tube Heater as per your requirements with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.

Functions of Gas And Tube Heater:

1. Space Heating: One of the primary functions of gas and tube heaters is to provide space heating. They are used to warm up indoor areas such as warehouses, garages, workshops, factories, greenhouses, and even outdoor spaces like patios. These heaters are capable of quickly raising the ambient temperature within a designated area.

2. Process Heating: Gas and tube heaters are employed in industrial settings for process heating. This includes applications where consistent and controlled heat is needed for manufacturing, drying, curing, and other production processes. They are often used in sectors like food processing, textiles, metalworking, and more.

3. Energy Efficient Heating: Gas and tube heaters are known for their energy efficiency compared to some other heating methods. They can transfer a significant amount of heat to the target area without much wastage, making them a cost-effective choice for heating large spaces.

4. Radiant Heating: Tube heaters are particularly efficient at providing radiant heat. Radiant heating involves emitting infrared radiation that directly heats objects and surfaces in the space, rather than relying solely on heating the air. This leads to a more comfortable and even distribution of heat.

5. Zoned Heating: Gas and tube heaters can be set up in zones, allowing for localized heating in specific areas. This can help conserve energy by only heating the areas that are currently in use, rather than the entire space.

6. Thermostat Control: Many gas and tube heaters come equipped with thermostat controls, allowing users to set and maintain a desired temperature. This not only ensures a comfortable environment but also helps in energy savings by preventing unnecessary heating.

7. Quick Heat-Up: Gas and tube heaters are known for their rapid heat-up times. They can reach their full operating temperature relatively quickly, which is advantageous in situations where immediate heat is required.

8. Reliable Operation: These heaters are designed for reliable and consistent operation. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings where uninterrupted heating is crucial.

9. Outdoor Heating: Gas and tube heaters are commonly used for outdoor heating applications. They can keep outdoor spaces like patios, outdoor seating areas, and entryways warm and comfortable, extending the usability of these areas during colder months.

10. Backup Heating: In some cases, gas and tube heaters are used as backup heating sources in buildings where the primary heating system might be inadequate or temporarily unavailable.

Infrared Tube Heater

  • Material:Aluminum
  • Warranty:Yes
  • Color:Silver
  • Voltage:230 Volt (v)

Infrared Gas Heater

  • Material:Other, Plastic
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Color:White
  • Warranty:Yes

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