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Infrared Tube Heater

Infrared Tube Heater

Product Details:

  • Material Aluminum
  • Voltage 230 Volt (v)
  • Color Silver
  • Warranty Yes
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Infrared Tube Heater Price and Quantity

  • 1 Piece

Infrared Tube Heater Specification

  • Aluminum
  • Yes
  • Silver
  • 230 Volt (v)

Infrared Tube Heater Trade Information

  • 1 Week

Product Description

Infrared Tube Heater is an industrial-class heating system that transfer produces heat energy with the help of infrared radiations. It comes with a rigid narrow tube inside which heating element is installed that emits radiation when gas or electricity is passed through it. It is in high demand within applications where it is required to deliver heat to specific areas. The quick heat generation and transfer makes this heater highly demanding within various commercial and industrial applications.

Applications of Infrared Tube Heater:

1. Industrial and Commercial Spaces: Infrared tube heaters are often used in industrial and commercial settings where large open spaces need to be heated efficiently. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and workshops can benefit from the focused and targeted heating provided by infrared tube heaters.

2. Outdoor Areas: Infrared tube heaters are commonly used to heat outdoor spaces such as patios, restaurant terraces, and outdoor waiting areas. They are effective in keeping people warm even in colder weather conditions by directly heating the surfaces and people, rather than the surrounding air.

3. Agricultural Buildings: Greenhouses, barns, and other agricultural structures can benefit from infrared tube heaters. These heaters help maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature for plants, animals, and workers while minimizing energy consumption.

4. Garages and Workshops: Infrared tube heaters are ideal for heating smaller enclosed spaces like garages and workshops. They provide focused warmth, which can be especially useful for mechanics, craftsmen, and hobbyists who need a specific area to be heated without warming the entire space.

5. Sports Facilities: Indoor sports facilities, ice rinks, and gymnasiums often utilize infrared tube heaters to provide comfortable conditions for athletes and spectators. Since these heaters don't waste energy heating the air, they are particularly effective in spaces with high ceilings.

6. Auto Dealerships and Showrooms: Infrared tube heaters are commonly used in auto dealerships and showrooms to keep the displayed vehicles warm and comfortable for customers. The direct heating can prevent condensation on vehicles and create an inviting atmosphere.

7. Loading Docks: Infrared tube heaters are often installed in loading dock areas to keep workers comfortable during loading and unloading operations. They can help maintain productivity by creating a warm working environment.

8. Drying and Curing Processes: In certain industrial processes, such as drying and curing paint or coatings, infrared tube heaters can be used to accelerate the drying time by directly heating the materials being processed.

9. Churches and Religious Facilities: Large open spaces like churches can benefit from the even heating provided by infrared tube heaters. They can maintain a comfortable environment for congregants without the noticeable temperature fluctuations associated with traditional heating systems.

10. Retail Stores: Retail establishments can use infrared tube heaters to provide warmth to specific areas within the store, such as entrances, checkout lines, or dressing rooms.

Advantages of using Infrared Tube Heater:

1. Energy Efficiency: Infrared tube heaters primarily heat objects and surfaces, rather than the air itself. This direct heating method is more energy-efficient because it reduces heat loss due to convective currents. Since the surrounding air isn't being constantly circulated and reheated, less energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Zoned Heating: Infrared tube heaters can be easily zoned to heat specific areas or zones within a larger space. This allows for more precise control over where the heat is directed, enabling users to focus warmth exactly where it's needed. This can result in additional energy savings by avoiding heating unused areas.

3. Quick Warm-Up: Infrared heaters provide almost instant heat as they emit radiant energy that is absorbed by objects and surfaces within their line of sight. This quick warm-up time is particularly beneficial in spaces where people need to feel comfortable rapidly, such as outdoor seating areas or workshops.

4. Comfortable and Even Heat Distribution: Infrared radiation heats objects and surfaces, creating a more even and consistent heat distribution compared to traditional heaters that can result in temperature stratification and uneven comfort levels.

5. Reduced Air Movement: Traditional forced-air heating systems can lead to drafts and air circulation that may stir up dust and allergens. Infrared heaters don't rely on air movement, which can help maintain cleaner indoor air quality.

6. Quiet Operation: Infrared tube heaters operate quietly because they don't involve the movement of air or the operation of fans, which can be especially beneficial in environments where noise levels are a concern.

7. Low Maintenance: Infrared tube heaters typically have fewer moving parts than traditional heating systems, reducing the need for regular maintenance. This can result in lower maintenance costs over time.

8. Longer Heat Retention: The objects and surfaces warmed by infrared radiation tend to retain heat for a longer period, even after the heater has been turned off. This can help maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce the need for constant heating.

9. Minimized Heat Loss: Infrared radiation travels in straight lines and doesn't require a medium (like air) to transfer heat. This means there's minimal heat loss during the transfer process, resulting in higher efficiency.

10. Design Flexibility: Infrared tube heaters are available in various designs and sizes, allowing for flexibility in installation. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically, making them suitable for a wide range of spaces.

11. Safe Operation: Infrared tube heaters do not involve open flames or exposed heating elements, reducing the risk of fire hazards. They are also designed to be safe for indoor and outdoor use.

12. Reduced Environmental Impact: Because of their energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, infrared tube heaters can contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint compared to less efficient heating methods.


Q: How do infrared tube heaters work?

A: Infrared tube heaters emit infrared radiation, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation travels in straight lines and heats objects and surfaces directly, rather than heating the surrounding air. As these objects and surfaces absorb the radiation, they warm up and radiate heat back into the space, creating a comfortable and even temperature.

Q: What are the benefits of using infrared tube heaters?

A: Some benefits of using infrared tube heaters include energy efficiency, quick warm-up times, even heat distribution, zoned heating capabilities, reduced air movement and noise, low maintenance requirements, and a focus on heating objects and surfaces rather than the air.

Q: What types of spaces are suitable for infrared tube heaters?

A: Infrared tube heaters are suitable for a wide range of spaces, including industrial and commercial buildings, outdoor areas like patios and terraces, agricultural structures, garages, workshops, sports facilities, auto dealerships, churches, and more.

Q: Are infrared tube heaters energy-efficient?

A: Yes, infrared tube heaters are energy-efficient due to their ability to directly heat objects and surfaces without wasting energy on heating the air. This results in less heat loss and lower energy consumption compared to traditional heating methods.

Q: How do I install infrared tube heaters?

A: Installation methods can vary based on the specific heater model and the space. Generally, infrared tube heaters are mounted near the ceiling to ensure the emitted radiation has a clear line of sight to the objects and surfaces in the room. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper placement and safe operation.

Q: Can infrared tube heaters be used outdoors?

A: Yes, infrared tube heaters can be used outdoors to heat spaces like patios, terraces, and outdoor seating areas. They are effective in providing warmth even in colder weather conditions and can extend the usability of outdoor spaces.

Q: Do infrared tube heaters require maintenance?

A: Infrared tube heaters have fewer moving parts than traditional heaters, which can result in lower maintenance requirements. However, periodic cleaning of the reflectors and checking for any obstructions is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Are infrared tube heaters safe to use indoors?

A: Yes, infrared tube heaters are generally safe to use indoors. They do not involve open flames or exposed heating elements that can pose fire hazards. However, like with any heating system, it's important to follow manufacturer's guidelines and safety precautions during installation and operation.

Q: Do infrared tube heaters produce any light or glare?

A: Infrared tube heaters emit infrared radiation, which is not visible to the human eye. While they may produce some visible light due to the heating elements, the primary source of heat is the infrared radiation itself, which is not visible as light or glare.

Q: Can infrared tube heaters be used in conjunction with other heating methods?

A: Yes, infrared tube heaters can be used in combination with other heating methods, depending on the needs of the space. For example, they can be used as supplemental heaters to provide targeted warmth in specific areas while a central heating system maintains overall comfort.
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